Puppy and younsters

New litter at Cinegeti

Roger Rabbit and Queenbee are the proud parents of the new Cinegeti’s litter, born on 7th of May.

Proud to introduce two young Cinegeti sisters

Ailis de’ Cinegeti
Adelaide de’ Cinegeti

Ailis and Adalgisa, (Quick Draw McGrowe x Diplomatic’s Natalie Wood), 15 months old.

ph. Simone Luca

Puppies born 20/11/2018

One of the puppies born 20/11/2018 from Quick Draw McGraw dei Cinegeti (The King and I Prince Arthur x Magica de Spell dei Cinegeti) and Diplomatic’s Natalie Wood (Diplomatic’s Nicolas Cage x Diplomatic’s Dominique Sanda)


TIMEBOMB DEI CINEGETI (Pumpkin Pie dei Cinegeti x Diplomatic’s Natalie Wood)
10 weeks

Welcome new babies

Welcome new babies!

New “T litter” in Cinegeti’s family!

We are three girls and two boys!

PUMPKIN PIE DEI CINEGETI (Highesteem Wizard of Cinegeti x Griselda dei Cinegeti) and DIPLOMATIC’S NATALIE WOOD (Diplomatic’s Nicolas Cage x Diplomatic’s Domique Sanda)

Sheridan dei Cinegeti

SHERIDAN DEI CINEGETI (The King and I Prince Arthur x Griselda dei Cinegeti)
almost 5 months